There is a reason why we came to Europe, we didn’t leave for fun!!!

  • Why does the government of Iran dont let the Afghanish go to univercity?
  • What is my SIN in this world?
  • What is the EXACT meaning of Afghan??
  • Why does the government of Germany force us to tell lies to them????
  • Why is there no asylum in Greece?
  • Why do they put minors in prison?
  • Why do I have nothing left to ask?
  • If another country invites us to come, why does the Eu don’t let us go. The EU obviously don’t want us here, but other countries do!?
  • When will they give rights to the refugees?
  • What do you mean by refugee, what does that even mean?
  • What is the right of refugees?
  • If a refugee has difficultis, what will you do?
  • When the minors arrive in greek, a view weeks later their hair gets gray streaks, why?
  • Why can we not sleep at night?
  • If Greece dont want the refugge, why dont they let us leave?
  • First they let us pass threw the border between turkey and greece, then, we feel that they dont want us here but then they want let us pass the border between greece and italian, why?
  • What is the point, forcing us to stay in Greece but don’t giving us asylum?
  • They let us in, but why don’t they let us out?
  • When we ar deported to greece threw DublinII, we are forced to aply for asylum, but nobody helps us and we end up with a pink card?
  • If another country,like Canada invites us, the refugees, to come, why does the EU don’t let us out?
  • Refuges come here, they have no future an they don’t let them go to school, specially minors, they want to injure them selfe, why?
  • Why does the Police in Patras punisch the boys?
  • The police in Patras punish us with evertything, sticks and stones, they trew us out of driving vans?
  • Why did they attack the refugee camp in patras?
  • Why do they take our fingerprints, just to deport us after ward and the UNHCR gets money for that?

….why do I have nothing left to ask?