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A little Story about justified anger -> Journey back to the borders Part III

Just before I went on my trip to Mytilene I saw in Germany the news about refugees in Greece. On TV it was reported on how aggressive and angry the refugees were in Greece (Mytilene). After I saw these news in Germany about the refugees I started to think and worry a bit. Would it all go alright? Would it be right to travel to Mytilene and help the people who require support? Would I endanger myself or not? These questions formed in my mind. I travelled nonetheless as I had already booked my ticket and had promised the group that I would come and participate.

When our ship dropped the anchor in the harbour of Mytilene, I saw from above used rubber vessels and many people (men, women, and children) who did not look well and who had to wait in the heat for their registration. When we went to our camping site (Charamida), somewhere far away from the harbour and the city, we saw families and men, who were lying on the street as they could not walk anymore and were tired. We stopped and gave them water and information. We then quickly went to our camp and unloaded our car. When the cars were empty we drove back to bring the refugees to the harbour to register.

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My story

ridingthebikeI am 9 years old and I like the colour orange. I am from Afghanistan and I went to Europe by myself. We were three boys: me, my friend (10 years old) and his brother (17). It took me two months from Afghanistan to Greece, I had to pay 14.000 Euro.
I decided to leave by myself. I am the eldest of my brothers and sisters. My father said that he respects my decision. I don’t fell like a boy now. I am a man. But I respect what my father tells me to do. I am waiting for his advise about my future.

In my home village there were many mountains around and beautiful gardens full of all kinds of fruits. I went to school for two years and I was a good student. I liked mathmatics a lot. But I can not read and wright well now. I want to learn it again and I want to learn English and computer.

If I could do anything, or have everything I would have a lot of money so I can help the poor people. 

When I think about Greece, first think I want  to leave Greece as soon as possible

and go to Germany, my brothers live there.  My wish is to continue studying, to work and later marry. I want to make my life, a better life. I want to become a doctor, or work in a hotel. And I want to be with my family! I wish to go back to them one day, maybe after 10 years? I really want to see my parents.
I want the Greek country to give passports to the refugees.
From European countries I like Germany the best, because they give passport to refugees. But I don’t mind where I will live. I just want to go to school.
I like playing football and to ride the bike. Many times I also sit alone in my room.
All people here are nice and the same good. I like to be friends with everybody!
If I would be an animal, I would be a deer. because I like them very much and they are beautiful.

Dream of a bright future

perspectiveIsolation?!From the beginning until now, I told lies to everyone, nobody knows the reality. I had a good life in my childhood. But than bud luck started. I lost my parents and stayed with my uncle. He started a bad manner with me, he has beaten me and always screaming at me. One year I have stayed with my uncle, then I went to Iran. I was working just to have enough money for food. Until the age of 14 I was in Iran. It was difficult, I could not study nor educate my self in any way.

I made a plan.

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