Birds of immigrants

bird My Father worked in the force in Afghanistan. He had a better life. Two of my brothers finished University. One of them was electrician the other was psychologist. At that time, nobody could go to university because it was expensive.
We had a good life …until the war started. Every day the war got worse, it was very hart in Kabul.
Some people were locking for my father. They said, they will kill him. Because of that we decided to go to Gazni-City. Because of my father they arrested two of my uncles, they tortured them. They tock all of our homes. My father was unemployed then. Before, my father had always helped all of my uncles and our friends, now they helped him. We started a farm and bought two cows. Like that we started our life new. At that time our life took a looping. One of my brothers, from a neighbour-country, he lived in. he said that he was worried about us. He wanted us to go with him to the other country. My father didn’t accept. He called us a lot, he was very afraid for us. After one year he came again. Two times he came to ask us to come with him, finally we had to go with him.

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I am 18 years old. Im from Afghanistan. When I was 7 years old I came to Iran with my parents because of war. And Iran was not good too, for me. The police where deporting the Afghani people. For 8 years i was in iran. I was working then i came to Europe for having a better life. Now I am in Greece in a camp I have been there for 8 month. Before I was in Patra I was trying to go Italy. But I could not. Four month I spent in Patra. I finished my money so I came back to the camp. Now I don’t have any money and there is no work. My parents need money and I don’t know what I should do.

birdI am 14 years old and my brother is 15. We are in know in Germany. We left Afghanistan some time ago. We went to Iran. There we met someone who brought us to Turkey. It took as two days to get there. From there we went to Lesvos with a small boat. We spent some time in Athen, waiting for our older brother to come and help us to get to Germany. Finally we arrived. All together we had to pay 19 000 € to get here. We are learning German know. Maybe one day we will have Asyl, then we will learn a profession. We are happy know because we got a real chance to have a Future.

bird4I am 22 years old, I am Afghani. I left Afghanistan before 10 years. I came to Iran, alone. Because of economical problems. 10 years I was in Iran.I did not meet my parents since I left Afghanistan, 10 years ago. I was a Taylor in Iran. Because I don’t have knowledge, because I wanted a bright future I left Iran and came to Turkey. To month I was in Turkey, then I came to Greece on foot to Thessaloníki. Then I went to Patra, three month I was in Patras. I couldn’t pass. I finished my money, i don’t have any money to support myself. Then I came to a camp. 6 month that i have been in this camp.

birds6I want to go to Sweden, my brother is in Sweden. I want to go continue my study. I started to go to an english school in Pakistan, until 11 grate. After that I want to meet my parents. And i want to learn more languages. I have given my case to a layer. this layer will help me to get to Sweden. After one week I am going to leave… i hope I can pass, i hope it will work. I am happy to see my brother, he has a citizenship in Sweden.

birds8 I came here one year ago and I want to go to Austria. I was 30 days in the mountain in turkey. When I was in Afghanistan I was in the army and then I could not continue that, it was too difficult. and then I ran away and decided to came to Europa. And when I arrived in Greece, I was for 19 days in Pagani. And then when I was realized, i came too place for minor refuges, we where 103 people when they realized us and brought us.I m not happy, because it is far away from everything, we don’t have Internet, we can not contact our family.

birds6 For know I am thinking nowadays I want to go Italy, whether I die or live. And I don’t care about the risks. After that I can go any country as I wish. I want to go to Sweden or to Finland. I want to go Australia, but from Greek it is impossible to go, i want to go to a better life. I been in Greece for one year, here it is a lot better, in Patras it was horrible. it is 9 years that I did not meet my parents. I miss my parents a lot. And for 3 years i could not call to my parents. I have doubts about Greece it is the rule that the right of the refuges is not existent. Wyh do they not allow us to pass to Italia and why does the police don’t have a good behavior with the refuges? And they don’t give us our rights. Even in Europe the animals have there rights. Why is the right of the refugees so low in Greece? I did not see the others countries of Greece, i don’t know if they are better or not. I have more details, this is enough for all my history. If I tell more stories I would be a book.

bird7I am 17 years old. I was born in Iran. but I am from Afghanistan, I have four brothers in Iran. I don’t have sister. We came to greek in 2008. We are refugees in Greece but we are in bad condition in Greece. We don’t have Future in Greece. But we pass our life very hard. We should leave this place. But we should speak with Agent. We want to go to another country. We don’t want to stay here. Because we don’t have rights here. So what shall we do here? We don’t have good feeling here. Judgment comes from experience and experience comes from bad judgment. Peace begins with a smile. But we don’t have Peace and also we don’t have a smile. Why don’t we have asylum? We should go to Italy or Finland. I wish to go to Finland.

….why do I have nothing left to ask?