Unfriendly life

Far from future and a stranger in Europe. We came to Iran and enjoyed being there. I saw the people and their places and all their things. Not only for me, but for every Afghan person their places were good, but most of the Iranian people were not good with Afghan people. Especially the police of Iran, they always wanted to arrest afghan refugees because they did not have other reason.

I was in iran for approximately 1 year, i worked to earn money. I was doing very hard work for money to make my future in Europe, because in Iran I had no future. Especially if a person wishes to have a future. They should go to a school or an education center. In Iran, I tried to register but they did not although me to go to school. They asked me if I have money or a card for learning, but I had not. It was so hard, unbelivably for any afgahni person to make his future or to finish his education.

Turkey After Iran I went to turkey, I crosses border at that village was Wan. In Wan I protected my self from various problems and difficulties we slept in the mountains theire it was so cold in that winter when we lived there and at least we left Wan. We left with a truck, we were 140 people from different nations: pakistan etc… we trevelled about 24 hours in the truck. We where hungry and thursty, we had to overcome many difficulties. at last we reached Istambul and they took us to a hotel. Theire the turkish people kidnaped us to take our money and to leave us. After we left the hotel we came near Izmir, to cross the border between Turkey and Greece. We crossed in small boats, 40 people where inside. When I enterd the boat, i thougt this will be the worst scene in my life, I was very afraid. In the name of ALLAH, we crossed the sea in peace and we reached here.

Greece When I arrivied in mytilini, it was a Monday, seven o’clock at the morning. The Police and the of this country are very kind but I can see, they don t like refugees. After I was in a camp that is like a prison, i was sent to a cam for minor refugees. They gave me the option to stay their or to leave, I decidet to leave in direction Athens. When I went to athens, I saw many refugees. I lived in Athens for three days. Then I went to patra. In Patra I saw many refugees and they want to go forwards europe too, but they don t let us go forward. I was in patras for about three month, I had a lot of money, but it finished in Patra. I failed to go forward.I did not know, what should I do in Patra. I found many friends. I asked them if they could help me.