Dream of a bright future

perspectiveIsolation?!From the beginning until now, I told lies to everyone, nobody knows the reality. I had a good life in my childhood. But than bud luck started. I lost my parents and stayed with my uncle. He started a bad manner with me, he has beaten me and always screaming at me. One year I have stayed with my uncle, then I went to Iran. I was working just to have enough money for food. Until the age of 14 I was in Iran. It was difficult, I could not study nor educate my self in any way.

I made a plan.

My plan was to go some place where I can fight for my rights. For that reason I went to turkey. For one month I worked their as a Taylor, I collected some money. With that money I entered Greece. When I arrived I had nothing left. When I wanted to fight for me rights, I couldn’t.
I applied for asylum. For two years I have been here with a unfortunate life. It is good that we have free food and cloth, but that is not enough. I want to study I can’t. In this place I am right now, there is not the environment to educate one self.
It was that.
Objection of my friend: “Could you tell me? In this movi, where is the hero and where is the the heroine?!”