Beneath a ton of newspapers to europe

There is a border in Greece, where ships are leaving to Italy.

There are about 10 or 11 traffickers, they have a lot of passengers. The traffickers have small houses or rooms where they put the “passengers”. In one room they put 10 or 15 people. There is no water and its not clean. In one week a lot of passengers come and go. They wait for the day the ship is ready to go. Then, the traffickers decide to put the passengers inside the trucks. I was one of the passengers. One night in midnight the trafficker told me and my friends and put us into the truck. It was full of magazine and newspaper.

We vanished inside the newspapers.

To get us under the newspaper they had to put a lot of them outside, put us in the hole and the newspaper above. I had to hold the newspapers above me, they were very heavy, it was difficult. My hands got very tired. We did all kind of things like this. From 3 o’clock in the morning till 6 o’clock in the afternoon, I sad crumpled together, I couldn’t move. For 14 hours I couldn’t move, without any voice. Without me, there was 4 people inside the truck.
At 6 o’clock in the afternoon, the truck went inside the ship. Security entered the truck and searched for refugees. After one hour they found me and my friends. One of us passed through the check. Inside the ship you have to wait many hours before you arrive. Without Toilette without food, without water. If we want to go to Italy, we have to stay inside the trucks for about 40 hours.
We came out of the ship. The security brought us behind the fence. We waited for our friend to call us. After we waited for three weeks, and there was no call, we knew that the security killed one of us. When they had check the truck for hidden refugees they use a long iron stick and hit with it inside the goods we hide under. They didn’t know, but they killed him.
It was very bad news for us. I became very unhappy to go to another european country. I had no hope. All of my life I spent travelling and I like if I die to die in my own country. That was one of my problem, not the big problem, just on little out of many. When the security arrested us they were six police men. They beat us a lot, after that we couldn’t walk. Every time they beat me, I had a huge pain in my heart. I went to the sea, I had to relax and make my self quiet I went to swim. It was bad weather and very cold but that was no problem for me. I needed to make my heart and myself quiet again. I went into the water and I swam so far and I didn’t stop. After I while I stopped and I realized how far I went, I couldn’t go back to the beach. In the middle of the water I hovered and I screamed so load “ Oh my god! “ I thought Why does that always happen to me? I try to be a good person, a good boy. As there was nothing else I could to, I swam back to the beach, when I arrived I was satisfied, I said thanks god!
After that I went back to the small house in Patra to my friends. In this house, we had nothing, because of that I was very happy. We were all guys, we played games and we laugh a lot. We told our stories and talked about our pains and sorrows. On some point we were tiered and we slept.
On of the captains was a very good person. Every when he found me inside the goods, he didn’t hit me. I was very small and he said I should go away and never come back. I said “OK”.
Every time we went to try in the trucks, the other boys in the trucks prayed for we will well pass trough.

If I would be an animal, for sure I would be a hyena or a Tiger. I am a very scary person, because I have to. But in fact I’m not. But If you have a life like that you have to be frightening in order to get through.