I came to Europe out of craziness

My story is a bit different. I came to Europe out of craziness.
My mother dies 9 years ago. I studies in school until 9 grade. My father married again. We are two brothers. My brother is in Afghanistan and I am here. I fall in love with the daughter of my uncle. They are living in Germany and one time they have visited us in Afghanistan. They knew that my mother died and they always loved me very much. Also for 14 years my father and uncle did not talk to each other. They had a fight about something small they couldn’t even remember. So I saw my cousin. They took me for walks and Ii fall in love. But my parents didn’t agree. My stepmother is never on my side. I talked to my cousin and told her “ I love you!. She ask me how it is possible. That our parents would never agree. Also we are from different environments our liefs are apart like heaven and earth. After one month the left back to Germany.
When they left I got lovesick.
I couldn’t do anything. My stepmother pressured me to quit school and go work. Then I left home. I learned how to tailor. I have another uncle who liefs in Holland. He supported me a bit. I went to Iran to work. After that I went to turkey where I worked for 5 Month. When I had enough money I came to Greece. I tried to go Macedonia. Three times I tried alone. They always cached me. The Police knows me. When they catch me they always say I have no shy. They deport me back to Greece where I for to prison in Thessaloníki for four days. The police brought me to a place for unaccompanied refugees in handcuffs.
I just destroyed my life for what I did. Now I am starting to think. Before I didn’t think. That girl I love is a challenge. It is very difficult for me. I have to aunt and one uncle in Germany.
If I would be an animal I would be a bird so I could fly and always be near my love.