I hope that one day I continue my life again

In the name of God
Hi,I am M. J. 17 years old from Afghanistan.
I was forced to leave my land because of having enemy and fathers dead.
It means they killed my father,and my mother ran away from there.
Actually I am from Behsud (a city in Afghanistan) that I lived about two or three month in Afghanistan.
I was born in Afghanistan, I was two or three month that we moved to Iran,and we went back in Afghanistan, and after two month because of some reasons that I’ve told you we went back to Iran again.

I was 15 years old, I moved from Iran to turkey.
And with all hardship that every body is faced with. After one month I arrived to Greece in Simi Iceland.
Synopsis I went to Athen.
All of my friends they had money,but I had finished my money.
They have talked with facilitator and because they had money, they crossed the order and have gone.
After two month I went Patra.
I’ve heard some thing abuat Patra.
And I was afraid because there is no way.
I was have to go to Patra.
Synopsis after 10 days I crossed from Patra to Ankona.
I was about 24 hours in truck full of orange. Hungry and thirsty, with really cold temperature.
That was end of 2008.
Synopsis we were deport form Ankona.
We were 7 person.
The other guys were with Facilitator, but I was just one of member of (khod andaz)=(what we call a group of persons who passing the border with out Facilitator and also with out money).
After the deportation, I came back to Patra.
Then after 2 month I crossed again to Veniz, I was 45 hours in truck that was full of orange.
When I arrived to Veniz the police catch us.
I was so weak and I was comatose, and it was because of freezing.
And then they deport us to greece.
I had to try so much but that was trashy.
Till one day I went inside the fance number 6 for (khod andazi).
The Securitys catch me. There were 4 person.
they beat me and bludgeon me more than words can say.
the Turkish driver took me out of fance.
I was 3 night in hospital.
synopsis up to they closed the (Kheyme gah)=(jungle), and who ever was under 18 be picked up to Camp.
In order to that I came back to Athen.
About 5 or 6 month I was in Athen with out any money and house.
I was sleeping in parks.
Synopsis I came back to Patra again.
I was so horofied till one day I crossed accidental to Bari.
After 3 days I arrived to Rome.
I was forced to take the train with out ticket because I didn’t have any money.
In every stations the checking took me off the train.
synopsis I arrived to Rome and I went to church and they gave me food and clothes,after two days I moved to France.
synopsis I arrived to Paris.
Because visiting Eiffel tower was one of my dreams.I stayed in France about 15 days.
In order to that I moved to Germany.
I am a football player and beacuse I love so much Bayern München I came to München but….
even though with the all hardship I was full of energy, but I don’t know why, when I came to Germany I became so upset, closeto wanting KILL my self for two times.
for the first time that wasn’t so serious,but the second time I have gone to hospital.
The guardian slighted me so much, guys that I loved to KILL my self with alcohol, but that doesn’t work, but I cant say the reason.
I hope that one day I continue my life again.

I never say get me free of the birdcage
Take my birdcage to a garden to be happy my heart…(Saadi seid)