Traces back 2014: Programm of the jouney back

  • Wednesday, 6th August – 7 PM – Welcome to Europe: Party in Pikpa with Food and Music
    Pikpa is a selforganised Welcome Centre for Refugees. We will join with the newcomers and some refugees who stay already for a while in Pikpa and with local supporters.
  • Thursday, 7th August 9 PM – Platia Sappho

    Pagani: A Museum of resistance, voices from inside and outside – Return and Remember (+ Film-screenings). Stories from the former prison Pagani and of resistance against all prisons at Europes outer borders. Some of us have been imprisoned in Pagani themselves others struggled for their freedom from outside. We will exchange our memories.

  • Programm Traces 2014 Greek
    Programm Traces 2014 Greek

  • Friday, 8th August

    Information event for local population about the situation at the border Greece-Turkey. (Time and space not yet fixed!)

  • Saturday, 9th August
    • During the day: Visit to Pikpa, football-match, food, Traces exhibition…

      Saturday, in a quiet place in PIKPA: Workshop “How to deal with traumatic experiences as first aid”:Many refugees arriving Mitilini hat to pass through traumatic experiences due to the danger and the police attacks by passing the borders. As well, many people in Mitilini are faced to traumatic experiences by cannot rescue refugees in the sea, finding dead bodies or supporting refugees or their relatives, especially if they have lost friends or family members. The international activist network out of action developed a program of first aid after situations like this. It’s not a form of therapy, but a tool how can support activists people after traumatic experiences in a better way, looking also for their own capacities.

    • Evening/ Night: Party with Musicians in Karpouzi
  • Sunday, 10th August
    Visit to the village of Moria – probably concert in front of the door of the prison with international musicians
  • Monday, 11th August
    • 6 PM – Thermi memorial II

      In October we set up a memorial place together with the local Fishermen in Thermi. We will return to remember at this place. Not only to remember the dead but also to repeat the promise to tear down the borders that killed them.

    • Goodbye-Party in Pikpa (the first group is leaving on Tuesday)
  • Tuesday, 12th August

    Film- and Picture-show on Frontex and migrant struggles at the outer border (at Karpouzi)