I am always smiling, but inside I cry.

My Father worked in the force in Afghanistan. He had a better life. Two of my brothers finished University. One of them was electrician the other was psychologist. At that time, nobody could go to university because it was expensive.

We had a good life …until the war started. Every day the war got worse, it was very hart in Kabul.

Some people were locking for my father. They said, they will kill him. Because of that we decided to go to Gazni-City. Because of my father they arrested two of my uncles, they tortured them. They tock all of our homes. My father was unemployed then. Before, my father had always helped all of my uncles and our friends, now they helped him. We started a farm and bought two cows. Like that we started our life new. At that time our life took a looping. One of my brothers, from a neighbour-country, he lived in. he said that he was worried about us. He wanted us to go with him to the other country. My father didn’t accept. He called us a lot, he was very afraid for us. After one year he came again. Two times he came to ask us to come with him, finally we had to go with him.

We left in the middle of the night. We were afraid people want not understand.

We didn’t have a lot of money to rent something to life in in the city. We rented a small house in the suburbs. We didn’t know the language very well, so the people in this country teased us a lot, it was bad. I tried to learn the language very well, I succeeded.
After that they didn’t know that I am a stranger inn their country.
I was always making fun of people, I was a very bad boy. Every day I fought with the neighbours. Their parents came to my father and said something to him.

My father had to sent me to work. At that moment I was 10 years old.

I couldn’t go to my home. I worked every day from 8 o’clock in the Morning until 12 o’clock in the night. We had a heater at our place, it worked with gas. When I was locking in the fire, I imagined to see the face of my father. Every night I did that.
I spent my days like that, and I grew up. I worked, I got money and I went to the gym. My Job was very well, for that I could go to the gym. The people in our gym didn’t like me, because of were I come from. We had a fight. They beat me a lot, they said “ Do you like that, when we beat you?” I said Yes. After one year I became very strong.
I had one problem, the people in that country teased me a lot, because they only like their people, bit not the Afghani people. I tried to support our people in that neighbour-country . Every day they hit me and every day I hit back … Until some of my friends said to me “ lets go to Europe”!!! Because European people are very nice, they like everyone, not only their own people like here.
One of my friends found a a person who could help us to get to Europe. We went to talk to him. They said we will bring you until turkey if you give us 2000 $. In the Morning, five o’clock we got in the car and we arrived near to the border. They said, you have to walk now for a lot of hours, 12 or 14. We walked about 10 hours. After that they gave us to another Trafficker. That Trafficker gave us a little water, a little bread and some backpacks. Nobody knew what was in this backpacks.

In the middle of the way I opened on bag, it was full of drugs, we had not know that. I said to my friends that we have to escape from the traffickers.

When we arrived near to a city, we escaped. We went into the city ant went to a house to knock on the door. We asked them to give us bread. One of my friends knew English so he talk to them. The man asked “where are you from and where will you go?”. We told hi that we are to go to Greece and that we had escaped from the traffickers. He offered us to bring us to Istanbul, e said we have to give him each 500$. After a lot of walking and problem we arrived in Istanbul rented a room and I started to work at a tailor company. I worked illegal because I didn’t had papers. If someone would have found out , they would have deported me back to Afghanistan. But nobody found out. We were working and we didn’t know the language. It was very difficult for us, like here. During that five month in Istanbul, I only went out of the factory about 6 or 7 times, it was very hart. When I earned some money for the traffickers I decided to come here. We came to the beach, it was very frightening and dangerous. We started the motor of our boat, after two hours we arrived in Greece.
My friends said, we don’t want to stay here. They went and arrived in another european country without fingerprints. Now, I am here. I worry a lot about my future and my passport, a lot of things.

Every night until 3 or 4 o’clock I can’t sleep.

I don’t know what we can do. But this is no matter for me because I have friend who likes me very much and always helps my. It is God.