Unfriendly life

Far from future and a stranger in Europe. We came to Iran and enjoyed being there. I saw the people and their places and all their things. Not only for me, but for every Afghan person their places were good, but most of the Iranian people were not good with Afghan people. Especially the police of Iran, they always wanted to arrest afghan refugees because they did not have other reason.

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In the name of ALLAH

I am 17 years old. I was born in Iran. but I am from Afghanistan, I have four brothers in Iran. I don’t have sister. We came to Greece in 2008. We are refugees in Greece but we are in bad condition in Greece. We don’t have Future in Greece. But we pass our life very hard. We should leave this place. But we should speak with Agent. We want to go to another country. We don’t want to stay here. Because we don’t have rights here.  So what shall we do here? We don’t have good feeling here. Judgment comes from  experience and experience comes from bad judgment. Peace begins with a smile. But we don’t have Peace and also we don’t have a smile. Why don’t we have asylum? We should go to Italy or Finland. I wish to go to Finland.


There is a reason why we camed to europa, we didnt leave for fun!!!

  • Why is there no asylum in Greece?
  • When will they give rights to the refugees?
  • What do you mean by refugee, what does that even mean?
  • What is the right of refugees?

More questions…

….why do I have nothing left to ask?