What I think of most …

One day I was sitting home and thinking. What should I do? I decided I have to go to Europe. I told my father about my decision. He said it is my life and my decision. He said he would support me as much as possible. His money was just enough for me to reach this country. I left my home 8 months ago. My uncle is in Enlgand. He promised to help me arrive there. Now he does not answer his phone and I don’t know what to do. I have no money left. For amonth I was sleeping outside on the streets. In the night I walked around because it was very cold. During the day I slept for some hours. I am waiting for the call of my uncle. Why does he not call? The only thing I am thinking all the time is that I have to leave this country. I have to leave this country! If I cannot leave this country to another European country, I will return to my family in Iran. It doesn’t matter where I go, I just want to leave from here! I want to go to school again and I want asylum.

I was born in Iran but I am Afghan. My mother died when I was eight. I visited school for 5 years then Iran did not allow us Afghans anymore to visit school. When I was 10 my grandmother returned to Afghanistan with her family. My father, my brother and me stayed in Iran because we had no belongings to sell, no money to build a future in Afghanistan. When I turned 13 I started working with my father in a car workshop.

My father said that I have to help myself now. But what can I do without money. I wait for my uncle to call.

When I call my younger brother, he is ten now, he always asks: When do you come back? I miss you! What will you bring me? You know, everybody in Iran believes that whoever goes to Europe, comes back with pockets full of money and many presents. I was thinking that too before I left. They cannot understand the situation here. They cannot know. I will never stay here. Either I move forward or I go back! When will my uncle call me????