When I crossed the border …

Before going to Europe I checked the internet for information about my journey. I read that on one of the borders they had special controle machines to recognize immigrants in the dark by the warmth of their bodies. It was night, dark and I was alone in a forest. I only understood I was walking in circles after I stepped for the third time in the same puddle. I said to myself: Ok, you are not walking straight obviously. But it was impossible. I concentrated so much on walking straight and not making any turns to the left or the right. Finally, I crossed the border. I went to a bush and waited. If there were these machines, I thought, then they would see me, so I wanted to wait for the border guards to come and catch me. I waited for them because I did not want them to catch me from the back. I wanted them to walk towards me in order that I could welcome them and show them, that I was expecting them. I waited for an hour, but nobody came to take me. I decided to move a little bit forward, so I went some hundred metres into the country and then I waited again. I waited for some hours, but they did not come again. In the end they caught me in the village I arrived and they brought me to prison, but my plan to wait for them, to expect them and walk towards them was of no earthly use. Still I want to tell them, that I am a human being too and I still have my pride.

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