Life without FUTURE…

My name is M. I’m from Afghanistan and I’m 16 years old.
When I was in Afghanistan, I was thinking about my future a lot, that I can continue my learning in safety place and also have good job with a good life.
Thats why I moved to Europe.

I didn’t have any information about the Camps during my life. I always thought I can continue my learning and have a part time job.
With working I can earn money and also Subsistence for my life. When I arrived to Germany they sent me to a Camp When I entered to the Camp I be came hopeless about my life.
because that was really inhuman place.
We were 10 guys in a room that was 14 meters.
We have only some beds for sleeping.
Tuesdays and Thursdays we were standing in the queue for giving food. Package foods.
from 3 kinds of foods we could only choose only one of them.
We spend the days and nights without any program for example Learning, Sport or Recreation.
All the guys, because of some problems they moved to Europe, because of that we always have argument together in the room. All the guys were nervous.
The tome getting worse day by day and I have any hope about tomorrow.
After 3 month they gave me a Goodman (formund).
The day I had interview with my Goodman, she gave me a lot of hopes and with a lot of promises.
With this promises I be came hopeless again.
After that day I spent 5 month and Goodman did any thing for me.
In the beginning I had an interview with youth help office and they told me you will get transfer maximum in 3 month and we will give you a House.
As I’ve told you I am here near to 8 month.
In this inhuman place and also that package foods and 40 euro pro month.
With this style of life I have any hope about future.
I can not grantee my future…