Traces back 2013: Program of a journey back to the border

Tuesday, 8th October

2:00 PM Conversation with the press for journalists and other people interested. At the building of EPA Aegaiou, E.Bostani 69, Mitilini
7:00 PM Exhibition opening in ERGATIKH LESXH, Mitilini: Thank you to the people who saved our lives!

Wednesday, 9th of October

6:00 PM: Watch The Med – Invitation to an Information and Discussion – event in the auditorium of the Geography Department, University Mytiline, Lesvos: Watch the Med is an online mapping platform to monitor the deaths and violations of migrants’ rights at the maritime borders of the EU with Lorenzo Pezzani, one of the founders of the project. See:

Thursday, 10th of October

12:00 AM: Workshop on The Webguide provides contacts and counselling to refugees and migrants on their way – and the idea for it was born in Lesvos during the Noborder activities 2009. The workshop will be very practical on how to contribute to this project – with translations, providing contacts and distributing cards and printings to those in need…

From 8:00 PM on: Welcome to Europe party on the beach of Tsamakia. After the last of the group arrive on Thursday afternoon we will start a welcoming party. Those who are already there will prepare a welcome to those arriving. Everybody is invited to come and to bring something to eat and to drink.

Friday, 11th of October

7:00 PM: EPIMELITIRIO -P.Kountourioti 71, Mitilini Traces from Lesvos through Europe “Respect only with passport? – Muhajer Tour is back”. We want to talk about the nexus of “here” (Greece/ Mytilini) and “there” (Germany, Sweden etc.) and life in Europe “without” and “with documents”; to share experiences and reflections on: what this journey means/ meant, what struggles have been fought and need to be fought and what “arriving” brings with it. We want to discuss what it means to find again a prison on
this island of arrival that reminds us on the horror of Pagani. We would like to combine speeches with an open time for discussion afterwards and we want to fill the room with different exhibitions (Traces from Lesvos through Europe – Fotoexhibition Noborder 2009 – pieces of cloth from inside Pagani) and more.

Saturday, 12th of October

Morningtime: Delegation to Moria – we apply to allow a delegation of us to enter the newly built prison in Moria. We invite the population of Lesvos to go together to see if the detention camp in Moria looks like a welcome center or reminds us on Pagani, the former prison that was closed down after our struggles from inside and outside.

4:30 PM – Memorial in Thermi: We want to construct and inaugurate a memorial fountain to remind not only of the deaths of the December 2012 tragedy whose bodies were found in Thermi, but also of all others who have died on their road to Europe. Shortly after the biggest tragedy with hundreds of deaths close to the Italian island Lampedusa we will hold a ceremony to honour the dead. We will give a promise to continue the struggle against this senseless killing.

Sunday, 13th of October

From 11:00 PM on: Working groups on the beach of Tsamakia on different topics, like:

– How to continue against the prison(s)
– Blogs and Websites
– Documentation of our journey
– and about all our wishes how to continue…

Eveningtime: Manifestation in Mytilene – to protest for registration
without detention!

Traces back 2013: Letter to the people in Mytilene

On a journey back to the border, we track back our traces to Europe.
Letter to the people in Mytilene

Dear people in Mitilini and on Lesvos island,

We came via Lesvos and/ or Greece to Europe, most of us some years ago and we are living now in different cities in Germany and Sweden. We finally got a right to stay and arrived. And we want to start a journey back to the border to track back our own traces to Europe.

A lot of us have made our first steps on European soil on your island. And many of us have been in Pagani, this very bad place on your island that is now history – after a long and hard struggle from inside and outside. We have made a lot of bitter experiences in Greece – but we have also met you and others who had been in solidarity with our struggle.

Also today refugees arrive on Lesvos, among them unaccompanied minor refugees, like us. They are like we have been, without help and support. As we said already we have made a lot of bitter experiences: we have survived the dangerous trip on the small boats, we have seen prisons and violence by the police. We have experienced homelessness and push-backs and racist attacks also on our further journey and with the fingerprints the border followed us until our countries of destination.

But we have also seen you and many others who helped us, sometimes with seemingly very small things like giving us a pair of shoes or food or just a friendly welcome. Many of us came to the island in a time when a lot of things were different than usual: during Noborder 2009 we stayed in the circus tent in the harbour of Mitlini directly after our arrival. In the very first moment we found friends from all over Europe. Others have spent some time in Agiassos, among us also known as the “Villa Azadi”, the villa of freedom. We come to meet you again and to thank all those on the island, who set their welcoming against the cruel borderregime. You gave us the hope that was necessary to reach our right to stay. For many of us this has been a starting point of a common struggle for the vision of another, a welcoming Europe, that maybe exists in the future.
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Das ist kein Leben!

Ich bin 17 Jahre alt. Ich lebe seit 10 Monaten in Deutschland. Ich komme aus Afghanistan. Sieben Jahre habe ich meine Familie nicht gesehen. Ich vermisse meine Familie sehr. Diese Geschichte erzählt von Griechenland. In Griechenland fühlen wir uns gefangen. Wir können nicht weiter, wir können nicht bleiben und wir können nicht zurück. Wir möchten ein gutes, sicheres Leben. In Griechenland gibt es keinen Sprachkurs und kein Zuhause. Wir können nicht arbeiten. Zum arbeiten brauchen wir ein Papier. Wir wissen nicht wie wir das Papier bekommen.

Weil wir nicht arbeiten können und kein Zuhause haben, müssen wir auf der Straße leben. In der Nacht kommen die Polizei und die Griechen und machen uns Probleme.

Es gibt viele Flüchtlinge die lange in Griechenland bleiben müssen. Das Leben dort ist sehr schwer. Das Leben dort ist kein Leben. Wir brauchen Hilfe, aber es gibt keine. Der Eine wohnt in Patras im „Jungle“ und kommt nicht weiter. Der andere schafft es auf das Boot nach Italien, aber wer weiß, was mit ihm passiert? Vielleicht wird er sterben, vielleicht wird er wieder nach Griechenland zurück geschickt.
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روزی فضلواز ورد کی پرسید: او لوده چرا یک لنگ جورابیت آبی و یک لنگش سرخ اس ؟
ورد کی گفت: نمیفامم والله. همی رقم یک جوره دیگام ده خانه دارم

I thought … I will find my future in Germany … But

Hi, I am Eternal I bornd in Iran.
My father was Mechanic, I was student and I did Mechanic as a part time job.
Up to the day life for refugees getting worse and worse in Iran.

The refugees can’t continue learning in colleges and that’s why I moved to Germany.
I had good life, I didn’t have any limit during my life, I could reach any thing that I want.
I mean I didn’t have any problem about money.
With all the beautiful wishes that I had about Germany I arrived to this country.
I’ve always told myself: I can have a greatest life there. I will have good job, good university and a good life.

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Forgive me

If I love you very much forgive me
If you are the only one my heart desired forgive me
Forgive me if at night I count the Stars
Forgive me if I keep telling you I love you
Forgive me if I keep bring you Baskets and Baskets of flowers
Forgive me if at night I only dream of you
Forgive me if I am not enough for your Eyes, You are an Angel and I am only Human
Forgive me if I Die and come back to life for you
I Apologize for my craziness around you
Forgive me if I keep Entrusting you to the Hands of God
When in the Company of others instead of saying (Du) I say you (Sie)
Forgive me if I don’t wanna show you to the moon, or to the night or to the Hands of sky
Forgive me if I want you only for my self
Forgive me if I am not enough for you But I am too in love with you
If I live you very much forgive me If you are the only one my heart desires forgive me…

….why do I have nothing left to ask?