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What I think of most …

One day I was sitting home and thinking. What should I do? I decided I have to go to Europe. I told my father about my decision. He said it is my life and my decision. He said he would support me as much as possible. His money was just enough for me to reach this country. I left my home 8 months ago. My uncle is in Enlgand. He promised to help me arrive there. Now he does not answer his phone and I don’t know what to do. I have no money left. For amonth I was sleeping outside on the streets. In the night I walked around because it was very cold. During the day I slept for some hours. I am waiting for the call of my uncle. Why does he not call? The only thing I am thinking all the time is that I have to leave this country. I have to leave this country! If I cannot leave this country to another European country, I will return to my family in Iran. It doesn’t matter where I go, I just want to leave from here! I want to go to school again and I want asylum.

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My mothers dream was …

My mothers dream was... Farsi version
My mothers dream was... Farsi version
I have had never seen Afghanistan.
This question should be asked from my father and Mather, that they gave birth to me in Iran-
The days go spend but so hard.
For somebody good, and certainly for a lot of people so BAD in every point of view. (Corporeal, spiritual)
My aim was, I found my future in a country that I love. (Sweeden, Finland,”Germany”)
But now, with all the that I struggle had to put out to achieve my dreams, unfortunately I lost it.
And I continue my life with the dream of that lovely country.
But I am not hopeless, and I’m thinking with my whole body the bright future in a darkness city.
I will shot an arrow to the darkness maybe it have an accident to goal.
And I believe it, If I want with all my endeavors I can be succeed.
I never be hopeless…

My story

ridingthebikeI am 9 years old and I like the colour orange. I am from Afghanistan and I went to Europe by myself. We were three boys: me, my friend (10 years old) and his brother (17). It took me two months from Afghanistan to Greece, I had to pay 14.000 Euro.
I decided to leave by myself. I am the eldest of my brothers and sisters. My father said that he respects my decision. I don’t fell like a boy now. I am a man. But I respect what my father tells me to do. I am waiting for his advise about my future.

In my home village there were many mountains around and beautiful gardens full of all kinds of fruits. I went to school for two years and I was a good student. I liked mathmatics a lot. But I can not read and wright well now. I want to learn it again and I want to learn English and computer.

If I could do anything, or have everything I would have a lot of money so I can help the poor people. 

When I think about Greece, first think I want  to leave Greece as soon as possible

and go to Germany, my brothers live there.  My wish is to continue studying, to work and later marry. I want to make my life, a better life. I want to become a doctor, or work in a hotel. And I want to be with my family! I wish to go back to them one day, maybe after 10 years? I really want to see my parents.
I want the Greek country to give passports to the refugees.
From European countries I like Germany the best, because they give passport to refugees. But I don’t mind where I will live. I just want to go to school.
I like playing football and to ride the bike. Many times I also sit alone in my room.
All people here are nice and the same good. I like to be friends with everybody!
If I would be an animal, I would be a deer. because I like them very much and they are beautiful.

In the name of Allah

I am Aziz S. I am from Afghanistan .i am17 years old .at first I want to say all of us have a bad condition life. Also life everywhere is to much hart. For all of us, we didn’t know! Why? Because we are refugees. We want asylum or rest, we don’t want anything else. Just that. We want to go front, like Italy. But we cant’ go front and we can’t go back, like Afghanistan. I came here because my marriage. My marriage is in Finland know. I want to go there but I can’t, why? I don’t know! Do you know why!? Also, I want to meet my parents! When can I meet them? Tell me! I want an answer. I despair of life and of everything.

Thank god we had money!

I am 14 years old and my brother is 15. We are in know in Germany. We left Afghanistan some time ago. We went to Iran. There we met someone who brought us to Turkey. It took as two days to get there. From there we went to Lesvos with a small boat. We spent some time in Athen, waiting for our older brother to come and help us to get to Germany. Finally we arrived. All together we had to pay 19 000 € to get here. We are learning German know. Maybe one day we will have Asyl, then we will learn a profession. We are happy know because we got a real chance to have a Future.

Another thought

A love letter

So one day,
sweet love,
I will come to you
and and dread you like I promised to you.
That you are the queen in my happy home.
Just like I have been so long ago.
And I make you happy with all that
Again, I’ ll love you more than you ever know
in most of my letters I have told you so

what a pleesing day,when we meet again
We are asking, to have no end.

Unfriendly life

Far from future and a stranger in Europe. We came to Iran and enjoyed being there. I saw the people and their places and all their things. Not only for me, but for every Afghan person their places were good, but most of the Iranian people were not good with Afghan people. Especially the police of Iran, they always wanted to arrest afghan refugees because they did not have other reason.

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In the name of ALLAH

I am 17 years old. I was born in Iran. but I am from Afghanistan, I have four brothers in Iran. I don’t have sister. We came to Greece in 2008. We are refugees in Greece but we are in bad condition in Greece. We don’t have Future in Greece. But we pass our life very hard. We should leave this place. But we should speak with Agent. We want to go to another country. We don’t want to stay here. Because we don’t have rights here.  So what shall we do here? We don’t have good feeling here. Judgment comes from  experience and experience comes from bad judgment. Peace begins with a smile. But we don’t have Peace and also we don’t have a smile. Why don’t we have asylum? We should go to Italy or Finland. I wish to go to Finland.