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What I think of most …

One day I was sitting home and thinking. What should I do? I decided I have to go to Europe. I told my father about my decision. He said it is my life and my decision. He said he would support me as much as possible. His money was just enough for me to reach this country. I left my home 8 months ago. My uncle is in Enlgand. He promised to help me arrive there. Now he does not answer his phone and I don’t know what to do. I have no money left. For amonth I was sleeping outside on the streets. In the night I walked around because it was very cold. During the day I slept for some hours. I am waiting for the call of my uncle. Why does he not call? The only thing I am thinking all the time is that I have to leave this country. I have to leave this country! If I cannot leave this country to another European country, I will return to my family in Iran. It doesn’t matter where I go, I just want to leave from here! I want to go to school again and I want asylum.

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My mothers dream was …

My mothers dream was... Farsi version
My mothers dream was... Farsi version
I have had never seen Afghanistan.
This question should be asked from my father and Mather, that they gave birth to me in Iran-
The days go spend but so hard.
For somebody good, and certainly for a lot of people so BAD in every point of view. (Corporeal, spiritual)
My aim was, I found my future in a country that I love. (Sweeden, Finland,”Germany”)
But now, with all the that I struggle had to put out to achieve my dreams, unfortunately I lost it.
And I continue my life with the dream of that lovely country.
But I am not hopeless, and I’m thinking with my whole body the bright future in a darkness city.
I will shot an arrow to the darkness maybe it have an accident to goal.
And I believe it, If I want with all my endeavors I can be succeed.
I never be hopeless…

I am always smiling, but inside I cry.

My Father worked in the force in Afghanistan. He had a better life. Two of my brothers finished University. One of them was electrician the other was psychologist. At that time, nobody could go to university because it was expensive.

We had a good life …until the war started. Every day the war got worse, it was very hart in Kabul.

Some people were locking for my father. They said, they will kill him. Because of that we decided to go to Gazni-City. Because of my father they arrested two of my uncles, they tortured them. They tock all of our homes. My father was unemployed then. Before, my father had always helped all of my uncles and our friends, now they helped him. We started a farm and bought two cows. Like that we started our life new. At that time our life took a looping. One of my brothers, from a neighbour-country, he lived in. he said that he was worried about us. He wanted us to go with him to the other country. My father didn’t accept. He called us a lot, he was very afraid for us. After one year he came again. Two times he came to ask us to come with him, finally we had to go with him.

We left in the middle of the night. We were afraid people want not understand.

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Dream of a bright future

perspectiveIsolation?!From the beginning until now, I told lies to everyone, nobody knows the reality. I had a good life in my childhood. But than bud luck started. I lost my parents and stayed with my uncle. He started a bad manner with me, he has beaten me and always screaming at me. One year I have stayed with my uncle, then I went to Iran. I was working just to have enough money for food. Until the age of 14 I was in Iran. It was difficult, I could not study nor educate my self in any way.

I made a plan.

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Jawad’s Reise

Hallo ich bin Jawad und ich wohne seit dreieinhalb Jahren in Hamburg. Ich komme aus Afghanistan und ich möchte meine Geschichte erzählen wie ich nach Hamburg gekommen bin. Es ist eine lange Geschichte. Dass ich von meinem Land weggegangen bin war nicht meine Entscheidung. Und es war auch nicht meine Entscheidung dass ich in diesem Land geboren wurde.

Als ich vier Jahre alt war musste ich mit meinen Eltern mein Dorf und Land wegen dem Krieg in Afghanistan verlassen. Wir sind in den Iran geflüchtet. Im Iran war die Situation für Flüchtlinge aus Afghanistan nicht gut. Wir bekamen ein Papier um nur kurzfristig da zu leben. Wir durften nicht zur Schule gehen, nicht arbeiten und nicht etwas in unserem Namen kaufen. Sie machten so viel Druck auf uns damit wir so schnell wie möglich wieder zurück gehen. Wenn sie uns auf der Straße sahen wurden wir immer kontrolliert und es ist auch oft passiert dass Männer wenn sie von der Arbeit kamen festgenommen und abgeschoben wurden. In Maschat an der Grenze gab es ein Konzentrationslager für Afghanische Flüchtlige. Es gab kein Essen, nur ganz viel Folter. Ich war nicht in diesem Lager aber meine Freunde haben mir davon erzählt. Sie standen den ganzen Tag in der Sonne oder im Winter in der Kälte, sie mussten Zwangsarbeit machen, manchmal wenn sie rausfanden dass man das zweite Mal im Iran war wurden sie gefoltert. Fast alle die das Lager verlassen konnten wurdern psychisch krank und dann wurden sie nach Afghanistan abgeschoben. Immernoch heute werden Leute an der Grenze von Soldaten erschossen, viele haben Angst davor und fliehen nicht mehr in den Iran.
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When my life was destroyed

I was a child, I remember those days when I lost my family. Maybe I was 7 or 8 I think.

We were crossing the border between Afghanistan and Iran when I lost my family and a lot of people were trying to cross the borders to the neighboring countries. I was kidnapped by masked men with their faces hidden who took me to another place. One of the men had long hair and a mustache. He was a cruel person and I will remember him always. I was crying and begging him: “Please take me back to my family!” He was so cruel. Sometimes he was hitting me. One day he threatened me: “Stop crying. If you cry, I will kill you.”

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Unfriendly life

Far from future and a stranger in Europe. We came to Iran and enjoyed being there. I saw the people and their places and all their things. Not only for me, but for every Afghan person their places were good, but most of the Iranian people were not good with Afghan people. Especially the police of Iran, they always wanted to arrest afghan refugees because they did not have other reason.

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